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Real People Of Panama Kosher Vacations Are Ready To Help You

Escape Online Booking Dystopia and Extra Fees With Panama Kosher Vacations

Online Booking Sites Cause Confusion and Extra Costs

There are disturbing trends afoot in the hotel industry.  Online users are finding it increasingly difficult to book accomodations online.  An article recently published in The Atlantic describes the experience of so many:  “You finally have it figured out, so you go to make your reservation, and—oops, in the time you’ve spent cross-referencing, that deal has expired. You try another. Expired too. A third goes through … but the price turns out to be 25 percent higher than it said before—and way outside your price range.”  Panama Kosher Vacations replaces online booking with real people!  Imagine that.

Real People Of Panama Kosher Vacations Are Ready To Help You

Our Happy Crew Ready to Pamper You

Artificial Intelligence Is On The Rise

Then there’s the spectre of Aritificial Intelligence looming over all online experiences.  It’s becoming more and more difficult to determine what’s AI generated and what’s human. That trend is assuredly only going to continue toward artifical everything!  According to this CNBC article about Chat GPT and AI in the travel industry, “Travel is fundamentally about connecting people and communities, and that human connection will always play a crucial role in the travel experience,” Fogel said”.  (Glenn Fogel is CEO of the’s parent company).

When working with Panama Kosher Vacations, you will deal with real people who will personally handle all of your booking arrangments.  We’ll be here for you during your entire time in Panama. In conjuction with our parent company Ce Viaja, Panama Kosher Vacations, you will book all of your travel arrangements with us.  That includes airfare, hotel/vacation rental properties, airport and hotel transfers, tours, restaurant reservations, and KOSHER food.  You will enjoy white glove service while traveling to remote beach and interior rain-forest adventures and destinations.

Booking Hotel Rooms Is Becoming a Nightmare

Simply Booking a Hotel Room Online is Increasingly Fraught With Difficulties and Extra Charges

Panama Kosher Vacations: Restoring The Human Touch

Don’t jump through seemingly endless online hoops. Why pay much more than you had planned?  Stop handing your hard-earned money to compnanies who have no real interest in your satisfaction.  Book with real people who care about you! Something we’ve heard again and again from our clients are words similar to “we just want someone to take care of everything”.  Well, thats exactly what we do.  Panama Kosher Vacations takes care of all of your travel arrangments with a concierge’s touch.  But what’s even more important?  Panama Kosher Vacations charges no additional taxes or exhorbitant fees on top of our fantastic rates on hotels, tours, transfers and the delicious kosher food Panama has to offer.

Because Panama Kosher Vacations replaces confounding online booking with real people, we eliminate the often confusing and misleading online mazes so many of our clients have encountered until they find us.  And they end up saving money and time when they let us handle everything!  Contact us and let us take care of you!