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Pesach In Panama 2024 5784

Come To Panama For Pesach in 2024

Panama Kosher Vacations is excited to welcome our guests to The Playa Escondida Resort for Pesach in Panama 2024.  The Playa Escondida Resort is located on the Atlantic Ocean near the port city of Colón.  Positioned on the water, the resort features a variety of 5 Star luxury villas and condos.  Playa Escondida has been made available exclusively to Panama Kosher Vacations for Pesach 2024 for your enjoyment.  There are 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 bedroom condos available villas, penthouses and condos available.  All accommodations are a very short walking distance to the beach and the exclusive Beach Club.  As a guest, you’ll have unlimited access to the swimming pools, jacuzzis, gym, spa, steam room and sauna.  There’s even a nail salon and massage services are available as well.

Relax at the Playa Escondida Resort for Pesach in Panama 2023

Experience Paradise in The Caribbean at The Playa Escondida Resort

Pesach In Panama 2024 Will Be Your Home Away From Home

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Come experience Pesach like never before. With Panama Kosher Vacations’ Pesach In Panama 2024, we give you the opportunity to celebrate the holiday in the comfort of your own private luxury villa or condo in the ultra-exclusive Playa Escondida Resort.  We bring together many generations of experience in the food industry, event planning and tourism industries.  Panama Kosher Vacations’ staff brings you a perfect blend of privacy, luxury and comfort all in a stress-free relaxing environment.  5-star quality kosher l’Pesach food under the strict supervision of Shevet Ahim Panama will be offered.  Non-kitniyot and non-gebrokts food will be available.  Well-planned programming will give you freedom!  Freedom to enjoy Pesach with your family without any of the hassles of being home, but with all the comfort of being in your own home.

Your Exclusive Pesach In Panama 2023 Private Residence

Relax In Your Own Exclusive Private 5 Star Penthouse, Condo Or Villa

Chol HaMoed Tours

Let’s talk about chol haMoed and tours!  Panama Kosher Vacations is a licensed tour operator.  We will be offering tours with English-speaking guides to various picturesque destinations with fun activities for all ages and interests.  Snorkeling, zip-lining, waterfall exploration, guided sightseeing, personal watercraft, boat tours, horseback riding and much more will all be offered, all with kosher l’Pesach lunches and snacks included!

You’ll Live On The Caribbean for Over A Week

Playa Escondida is exclusively accessible through a private road in the middle of a mountain range.  Terminating in a spectacular valley with two kilometers of oceanfront, you will find a wide beach of soft, white sand softly bathed by calm, clear Caribbean water.  Choose how you wish to spend your days.  Relax under the sun, swim in the ocean at one of the pools, kayak, fish, or even try out the water park obstacle course!  There are even beach volleyball and paddle tennis courts available.

A Slice of Paradise in Playa Escondida

The White Sand And Caribbean Water Will Captivate You

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We look forward to hosting you for Pesach in Panama 2024.  Please do get in touch with us soon so we can begin working with you to craft your best Pesach ever in the Paradise that is Panama.

The most common and persistent questions we get from our clients is about rain. So let's talk about rainy season in Panama.

Let’s Talk About Rainy Season In Panama

“The forecast calls for rain every day that we are scheduled to come to Panama!  What happens to our tours if it rains?”;  “What about rainy season?  Is it better to come to Panama when it’s not rainy season?”. 

As a kosher concierge travel agency, we answer dozens of question all day, every day from our clients. One of the most common and persistent questions is about rain.  The answers are usually reassuring to our clients, but it takes a bit of nuance to express the rain situation in Panama accurately.  Please read on to learn more.      

Let’s talk about rainy season in Panama.  There are two seasons in Panama, “Dry Season” and “Rainy Season”.  Dry Season is from December to May and Rainy Season is June to November.   It doesn’t rain here in the tropics like it so often does in North America.  What often adds to the worrry and confusion are the weather forecasts for Panama from major weather forecasters like The Weather Channel.  Clicking on this link leads to a 10 day forecast for Panama.  Every day calls for between a 48 to 88 per cent chance of rain every single day!

The thing is, it almost always only rains for a little while, anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour.  Are there days where it rains for longer, even all day?  Yes, but those days are very few and far between.  So, what happens to your tours if it rains?  Well, they hardly ever get cancelled.

So let’s talk about rainy season in Panama.  When the rain comes, it is a peaceful experience best enjoyed in your dry balcony overlooking the ocean or a rainforest mountainside from your accomodations.  After the rain passes, it’s time to get on with the day’s activities.   Your tour guide and driver will accomodate a delay in your tour until the rain subsides in almost every case.  In the unusual circumstance a tour cannot be conducted due to weather, Panama Kosher Vacations will work hard to accomodate your trip interruption.