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Pesach In Panama 2024 5784

Come To Panama For Pesach in 2024

Panama Kosher Vacations is excited to welcome our guests to The Playa Escondida Resort for Pesach in Panama 2024.  The Playa Escondida Resort is located on the Atlantic Ocean near the port city of Colón.  Positioned on the water, the resort features a variety of 5 Star luxury villas and condos.  Playa Escondida has been made available exclusively to Panama Kosher Vacations for Pesach 2024 for your enjoyment.  There are 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 bedroom condos available villas, penthouses and condos available.  All accommodations are a very short walking distance to the beach and the exclusive Beach Club.  As a guest, you’ll have unlimited access to the swimming pools, jacuzzis, gym, spa, steam room and sauna.  There’s even a nail salon and massage services are available as well.

Relax at the Playa Escondida Resort for Pesach in Panama 2023

Experience Paradise in The Caribbean at The Playa Escondida Resort

Pesach In Panama 2024 Will Be Your Home Away From Home

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Come experience Pesach like never before. With Panama Kosher Vacations’ Pesach In Panama 2024, we give you the opportunity to celebrate the holiday in the comfort of your own private luxury villa or condo in the ultra-exclusive Playa Escondida Resort.  We bring together many generations of experience in the food industry, event planning and tourism industries.  Panama Kosher Vacations’ staff brings you a perfect blend of privacy, luxury and comfort all in a stress-free relaxing environment.  5-star quality kosher l’Pesach food under the strict supervision of Shevet Ahim Panama will be offered.  Non-kitniyot and non-gebrokts food will be available.  Well-planned programming will give you freedom!  Freedom to enjoy Pesach with your family without any of the hassles of being home, but with all the comfort of being in your own home.

Your Exclusive Pesach In Panama 2023 Private Residence

Relax In Your Own Exclusive Private 5 Star Penthouse, Condo Or Villa

Chol HaMoed Tours

Let’s talk about chol haMoed and tours!  Panama Kosher Vacations is a licensed tour operator.  We will be offering tours with English-speaking guides to various picturesque destinations with fun activities for all ages and interests.  Snorkeling, zip-lining, waterfall exploration, guided sightseeing, personal watercraft, boat tours, horseback riding and much more will all be offered, all with kosher l’Pesach lunches and snacks included!

You’ll Live On The Caribbean for Over A Week

Playa Escondida is exclusively accessible through a private road in the middle of a mountain range.  Terminating in a spectacular valley with two kilometers of oceanfront, you will find a wide beach of soft, white sand softly bathed by calm, clear Caribbean water.  Choose how you wish to spend your days.  Relax under the sun, swim in the ocean at one of the pools, kayak, fish, or even try out the water park obstacle course!  There are even beach volleyball and paddle tennis courts available.

A Slice of Paradise in Playa Escondida

The White Sand And Caribbean Water Will Captivate You

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We look forward to hosting you for Pesach in Panama 2024.  Please do get in touch with us soon so we can begin working with you to craft your best Pesach ever in the Paradise that is Panama.

Real People Of Panama Kosher Vacations Are Ready To Help You

Escape Online Booking Dystopia and Extra Fees With Panama Kosher Vacations

Online Booking Sites Cause Confusion and Extra Costs

There are disturbing trends afoot in the hotel industry.  Online users are finding it increasingly difficult to book accomodations online.  An article recently published in The Atlantic describes the experience of so many:  “You finally have it figured out, so you go to make your reservation, and—oops, in the time you’ve spent cross-referencing, that deal has expired. You try another. Expired too. A third goes through … but the price turns out to be 25 percent higher than it said before—and way outside your price range.”  Panama Kosher Vacations replaces online booking with real people!  Imagine that.

Real People Of Panama Kosher Vacations Are Ready To Help You

Our Happy Crew Ready to Pamper You

Artificial Intelligence Is On The Rise

Then there’s the spectre of Aritificial Intelligence looming over all online experiences.  It’s becoming more and more difficult to determine what’s AI generated and what’s human. That trend is assuredly only going to continue toward artifical everything!  According to this CNBC article about Chat GPT and AI in the travel industry, “Travel is fundamentally about connecting people and communities, and that human connection will always play a crucial role in the travel experience,” Fogel said”.  (Glenn Fogel is CEO of the Booking.com’s parent company).

When working with Panama Kosher Vacations, you will deal with real people who will personally handle all of your booking arrangments.  We’ll be here for you during your entire time in Panama. In conjuction with our parent company Ce Viaja, Panama Kosher Vacations, you will book all of your travel arrangements with us.  That includes airfare, hotel/vacation rental properties, airport and hotel transfers, tours, restaurant reservations, and KOSHER food.  You will enjoy white glove service while traveling to remote beach and interior rain-forest adventures and destinations.

Booking Hotel Rooms Is Becoming a Nightmare

Simply Booking a Hotel Room Online is Increasingly Fraught With Difficulties and Extra Charges

Panama Kosher Vacations: Restoring The Human Touch

Don’t jump through seemingly endless online hoops. Why pay much more than you had planned?  Stop handing your hard-earned money to compnanies who have no real interest in your satisfaction.  Book with real people who care about you! Something we’ve heard again and again from our clients are words similar to “we just want someone to take care of everything”.  Well, thats exactly what we do.  Panama Kosher Vacations takes care of all of your travel arrangments with a concierge’s touch.  But what’s even more important?  Panama Kosher Vacations charges no additional taxes or exhorbitant fees on top of our fantastic rates on hotels, tours, transfers and the delicious kosher food Panama has to offer.

Because Panama Kosher Vacations replaces confounding online booking with real people, we eliminate the often confusing and misleading online mazes so many of our clients have encountered until they find us.  And they end up saving money and time when they let us handle everything!  Contact us and let us take care of you!

Aerial view of the picturesque Pearl Islands of Panama

The Pearl Islands – Contadora

Let Panama Kosher Vacations create your dream island getaway on Contadora in the Pearl Islands.  The Pearl Islands are a hidden jewel off of the Pacific Coast of Panama.  Just an hour and a half by power boat or 15 minute plane trip away from Panama City, The Pearl Islands archipelago consists of over 200 mostly uninhabited islands.  On a trip to the Pearl Islands you can expect to find picturesque, uninhabited white sand beaches waiting for you to enjoy.  Once we whisk you there, you will feel like you have Paradise to yourselves!

Experience being dropped off at your private, luxury Contadora oceanfront kosher villa by power boat.  Once there, your dedicated staff will cook and serve you all of your gourmet kosher meals.  We will handle breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.  Prepare to be blown away by the presentation of your meals.  You’ll also be wowed by the level of service, attention to detail, cleanliness and personal attention you will receive by our concierge-level staff.

According to the International Whaling Commission, the period between July and October is an ideal time to visit The Pearl Islands.  During this time, humpback whales swim North to The Pearl Islands to mate during the Southern Hemisphere’s winter months. 

Whale Watching Action Photo

Come To The Pearl Islands Where You Can Watch Whales Like These Humpback Whales

Your captain and crew will be ready to help you take part in a variety of activities in addition to whale watching.  Additional activities can include fishing, scuba diving and snorkeling and water skiing.  Your dedicated crew will also be ready to grill your 100% kosher lunch on your yacht while you play, frolic and lounge.

Panama Kosher Vacations recommends at least an overnight stay when visiting The Pearl Islands and Contadora.  While you can still enjoy this archipelago on a day trip, you will only be able to stay a few hours.  This limits how much you can do and see.  If you do choose a day trip due to scheduling constraints, we will make sure you maximize your time.  For instance, we are happy to book you a chartered flight, private power boat or ferry. 

Panama Kosher Vacations is powered by Ce Viaja.  Ce Viaja is a full-service travel agency based right here in Panama City.  Your Panama Kosher Vacations travel concierge will make all your arrangements, including airfare.  Panama Kosher Vacations will handle all of your lodging accommodations (villas, hotels, etc.).  We take care of all of your transportation to and from the airport as well as transfers to and from your accommodations.  Panama Kosher Vacations will schedule your COVID testing at your hotel.  And last but not least, we provide you all of your gourmet KOSHER food wherever you go.

Your entire Pearl Islands – Contadora getaway will be booked and invoiced by Panama Kosher Vacations, your concierge travel service.  In addition, we recommend that your Pearl Islands getaway be booked as part of a broader Panama vacation. Some additional destinations can include the Panama Canal, Bayano Caves and other tours around our lush and beautiful lands.

Panama Kosher Vacations looks forward to personally welcoming you to Panama.  We will always do our best to make sure that your stay here is beyond your expectations.  Our goal is to ensure that you leave Panama saying “This is literally the best vacation I’ve ever been on”.